Bulk Shredding

Bulk Shredding -Our business is protecting yours

Off Site data Destruction Service

We securely destroy paper, and other sensitive data.

We're efficient and security aware. It's that simple.

Bulk Destruction of Your Data is more economical and less time consuming with off-site shredding.

Total destruction -Of all your confidential documents
and other sensitive materials

We will pick up your documents or other types of data from your site or from a location specified by you.

We will then securely transport them to our document destruction facility where they will be destroyed under strict controlled conditions

To further enhance security we process and bale the shredded paper and other sensitive data material in our own facility. This means that your information is handled only by us throughout the entire process

Off site shredding is offered as a more economical alternative for clients that do not require destruction done at their location.

A Certificate of destruction is issued after shredding is complete ensuring you comply with current legal requirements.

Drop-Off Destruction Service in St Helens, North West

Customers not requiring us to collect documents may also utilize our drop-off service

Clients are welcome to bring their own sensitive material to our facility for destruction.

Paper Recycling Service

  • We recycle 100% of your shredded documents
  • Experienced team of specialists and support staff
  • Flexibility, a tailored service to suit your requirements
  • Data destruction certificate issued
  • Fully auditable paper trail
  • High security paper shredding
  • Containers, boxes or bags supplied if required
  • Secure lockable units
  • Personnel contracts manager
  • Cardboard removal
  • Confidential, Secure Shredding & Destruction
  • We ensure you comply with current data protection laws
  • Email and phone collection request
  • All staff C.R.B. Checked
  • Free Certificate of Environmental Responsibility
  • Archive documents bulk clearance
  • Office Clearance
  • Bulk Clearance of computer equipment
  • Large quantity's of Unwanted files
  • Paper shredding
  • Large quantity's of Old documents

Recycling Shredded Paper and Cardboard

All shredded paper is baled, ready to be sent to the paper mills for recycling, where it is used in the manufacture of a wide variety of products from tissues to high quality paper.


The benefits of recycling paper and Cardboard

  • Reduces landfill space.
  • Reduces carbon dioxide emission from incineration.
  • Reuses waste as a raw material, helping to close the recycle loop.
  • Leaves more trees for the sustainability of our environment.
  • Use less fossil fuel.
  • Saves energy.


Environmentally Responsible we continually strive to minimise both your company’s and our impact on the environment, through recycling wherever possible and reducing energy consumption
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