Your Questions Answered…

Please read the following list of popular questions that we get asked at MAW Data Shredding.

If you are unable to find the information you require please contact the shredding team on: 01744 752555

Choose off-site shredding for a seamless process: We’ll gather your waste from your location, secure it in locked containers, and transport it to our secure facility. Within 24 hours, your confidential materials are shredded and baled for recycling.

Opt for on-site shredding for added peace of mind: Your confidential waste is shredded on your premises, allowing you to witness the destruction firsthand. This option offers an extra layer of assurance for many clients.

Save on expenses with our shredding service! Using a shredding machine can end up costing you three to five times more than utilising our service. When you consider the expenses involved—such as the cost of the shredder itself, labor, office space, maintenance, power consumption, and disposal, MAW Data Shredding offer a more cost-effective solution by handling everything for you.

Even if you’re shredding just 1-2 cases of paper monthly, our shredding service is economical. MAW offer a mobile shredding service and can shred up to 4 tons of paper per hour, freeing up your employees to concentrate on their tasks rather than spending time on shredding.

Absolutely! We are based in St. Helens and you are more than welcome to drop off your paper documents and cardboard.

We ask you to first contact s though to ensure the office is open and arrange a suitable day and time.

We certainly do!. We can collect or you can arrange a drop-off.

MAW will recycle all your cardboard regardless of how much you have. SAVE money with MAW.

At MAW we specialise in destroying data so if you want peace of mind then get in touch!

Company Files, Account Records, Document & Data, Hard Drives, Marketing Materials, Bank Documents, Medical Records, Old letters, Paper… pretty much anything really!

Yes! We have the capacity to bulk shred or destroy your data securely.

Get in touch with us and lets make the required arrangements. We can collect and destroy all your confidential data and paper files

Being an ISO 14001 registered company, we prioritise recycling all waste paper. Collaborating with fully registered recycling partners, we ensure adherence to environmental laws and best practices throughout the recycling process. A significant portion of the shredded paper is transformed into tissue-related products found on supermarket shelves.
Not an issue at all! We cover most North West regions and are happy to accommodate ad-hoc collections. Our services cater to everyone, from private individuals to businesses. Regardless of the size of the task, we’re equipped to handle it, and there’s no obligation to commit to a regular collection schedule.
To give you ‘piece of mind’ all of our security operatives have been professionally trained and vetted. The operatives will supervise the transportation of your confidential material back to our secure site, or we can provide an on-site service.
You will receive a ‘Certificate of Destruction’ following the shredding to provide you with a suitable audit trail for legal purposes.