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If you are not sure whether an onsite or off-site disposal solution is the best one for your organisation’s needs then a member of our team will be happy to run through the costs and implications of each service and suggest the most appropriate one based on the information you supply them with regarding your requirements.

Suggested Use for the one off collection service:

  • Clearance of archive documents
  • Office Clearance
  • Bulk Clearance
  • Unwanted files
  • Old documents

Whichever service you settle on you can be assured of our best attention at all times when carrying out our shredding services.

Shred Old Documents
Shred it

In today’s dynamic business landscape, flexibility and secure document disposal are paramount. That’s why at MAW we provide a fully compliant one-off shredding service, along with our priority shredding option capable of shredding your documents within 24 hours when urgency is key.

Our GDPR-compliant team is available to visit your home or office on an ad-hoc basis to securely destroy paper documents, products, hard drives, and other media formats.

MAW are a professional Shredding Company in St Helens and we cover North West regions. Paper and Documents in your home or office can build up and sometimes its good to de-clutter. We can shred your bank statements, personal papers or anything containing sensitive information and reduce risk of identity theft.

Secure Shredding Company

In both offices and homes, document accumulation can create vulnerabilities to data breaches. If your storage boxes and files are overwhelming your premises, it might be time to consider investing in a one-time ad hoc shredding service or our express shredding option for rapid document disposal. With our industrial-sized collection vans and advanced cross-cut shredding equipment, we’re equipped to handle any level of one-off shredding requirement.