MAW Data Destruction


Hard drives contain information about your company and should be disposed of in the right manner.

Client data, Trade secrets, employee records, software, financial and other invaluable information could still be stored on them if not disposed of correctly. Don’t think because your “DELETED” something that it cannot be found!

Organisations worry about data base hackers but the potential of data theft from discarded equipment is just as real. Our data destruction company ensures all the information on your hard drive is 100% destroyed so nothing can be retrieved. Our Industrial shredding equipment will destroy the hard drive and all the information stored on it so you never need to worry.

We have a 100% success rate in this type of data destruction


Computer Data

Computers and Laptops often get forgotten about and left in a cupboard or back room, leaving your company or personal content vulnerable to data exposure.

A computer hard drive containing employee, customer, banking and product information should fall into the wrong hands, it’s a serious data breach so its imperative that redundant machines and there hard drives are destroyed securely.

Responsible computer recycling not only addresses environmental and security concerns but also promotes resource conservation and sustainability.

Shredding and recycling electronic items is the best way to protect confidentiality.

Computer Recycling

Beyond the environmental concerns, the disposal of computers raises significant data security and privacy issues.

Our digital devices store vast amounts of sensitive and personal information, ranging from financial records and medical data to confidential emails and login credentials. Failing to adequately erase this data before disposal can leave individuals and organisations vulnerable to identity theft, fraud, and other cybercrimes.

The consequences of a data breach can be devastating, leading to financial loss, reputation damage, and legal liabilities. MAW Data Shredding will destroy all your computers, hard drives and data securely!

Dont Risk It – Destroy It!

Computer recycling and the secure destruction of data are critical practices that intersect environmental responsibility, data security, and resource conservation. By properly disposing of old computers and ensuring the complete eradication of sensitive information, we can protect both the planet and our privacy in an increasingly interconnected digital world. It is imperative that individuals, businesses, and policymakers prioritize these practices to mitigate the adverse effects of e-waste while safeguarding data integrity and privacy for generations to come.