MAW Shredding Company


At MAW we offer a service for shredding domestic documents, aiding individuals who work from home in safely disposing of sensitive information.

Keeping sensitive information away from unwanted third parties is crucial, particularly with the rise of identity theft and business fraud. This is especially relevant for paper documents stored at home. These documents could be private, personal or work related documents and if they are no longer required and cluttering up your space then we can shred them securely!

Select a fully compliant domestic shredding service today by choosing MAW…. Your Shredding Company in St Helens. We provide both on-site and off-site document disposal options tailored to meet various requirements.

sensitive document shredding

If you opt for our domestic off-site shredding service, we adhere to a distinct procedure to guarantee GDPR compliance:

Your confidential waste is transported to our depot in St. Helens and shredded within 24 hours.

Our industrial shredders can shred tonnes of papers and documents per day and after complete destruction, we provide a certificate of destruction, a crucial record for anyone disposing of confidential waste, which should be retained for six years.

Why MAW as your document & Computer shredding provider?

Our thoroughly vetted team ensures a comprehensive audit trail for confidential waste, from its departure from your premises to the issuance of the final invoice. A Certificate of Destruction accompanies every shredding service.

Whether it’s a one-time shredding, scheduled shredding, home-based shredding, bulk shredding, on-site shredding, or off-site shredding service you need, our team delivers professional services wherever and whenever you need them.

We take pride in upholding the highest industry compliance standards. When you choose MAW Shredding Company, you can have complete confidence that your confidential documents are securely handled.

Don’t Just Bin It – Recycle It

Paper is a part of our daily lives. It can be found almost anywhere in any form. Paper recycling is the process of manufacturing old paper products and turning them into new, reusable paper products. When recycled paper is used, many new products can be made such as egg cartons, paper towels, tissue paper, etc. The best thing about paper recycling is that it uses less chemicals and bleaches, which is safer for the environment